Thursday, January 23, 2014

Anybody out there?

I realize I've probably lost most of the people out there who were even close to dedicated readers, and I deserve that.  What have I been making, 1 or 2 posts a month for the past half year or so?  But if anybody is still reading, here is what's been going on with me.  I actually played poker last weekend with Johhny Baseball, and you know what?  It was kind of fun.  We meant to play together, but I walked into an 8 handed 1/2 game and just couldn't resist.  I sat for a while, realized I probably should resist (I failed to value bet KQ hi unimproved out of position vs simon on the turn in a three way pot) and eventually we ended up playing the world's worst 40/80 game.  He then moved to 20, I moved to 60, blah blah blah...the point is that I actually enjoyed playing because I didn't HAVE to be there.  It's the whole Tom Sawyer thing, honestly.  I don't have to go, so i kind of want to.  I found myself wishing I could go back and put in a few hours this weekend.  Part of it is that I really want to play because poker makes me feel sort of special.  As a poker player I was nothing amazing.  And as a software engineer I'm not really either.  But now that that's what I mean I do kind of need a hobby, and poker seems to be a possible option.  The other thing, and this is weird, is that I still find myself in that constant quest for edge.  I have this job, and that's fine, and it pays me X dollars every two weeks and that's all well and good but how am I going to get AHEAD is what's constantly going through my mind.  That's not very healthy;  the whole point of having a job and doing index fund investing is that you don't have to worry about that sort of thing, but I find myself wondering how I can make a little more money here, a little more money there, etc.  It's just weird.

A hand of poker.

A super lag opens the HJ and I 3-bet the cutoff with A6cc.  The button was telegraphing a fold but even if he hadn't been this was a slam dunk three bet;  this guy had show K2s and 96s for a open and a three bet from much earlier.  So tall jeff takes three to the dome in the small blind with a preposterous narrow range (or so I assume) and the hand plays out with me just not thinking about things.


The all check and I bet.  Jeff raises, the maniac clears out, and I just call.  Mistake 1.  On this board his c/r range is so narrow (I think it's exactly ATs, AJ and AQ and I suppose a few flush draw combos maybe some time) that I can actually be folding a ton of hands on the turn.  So what I think I should probably do is fast play everything big (AK, AQ, AAA, 888, 555....still a crushing value range since he can't have most of it) and ALSO fast play my flush draws for a free card.  OK but I don't do that I just call.  Turn


He bets and I do the only thing that makes sense at this point, I call.  But here's the catch.


He bets and I raise and folds AJ.  So what does that tell you I'm not doing enough against him?


that_pope said...

I'm still here, although I am checking much less frequently since you only post once a month.

bravos1 said...

Apparently my checking frequency is optimally matched with your posting frequency. Glad things are going well for you in the working world.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

It's just hard to rage tilt against people in the real world. I'll try harder lol

bravos1 said...

If you were on the project I am struggling with right now, I think you'd have no issues rage tilting against real world people. Let's see; got into work at 8am, took a 45 minute lunch, left work at 8:30pm and got home just in time to take a 9pm conf call which just let out at 11:15pm. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH