Saturday, September 7, 2013

From My Father

Subject:  Yogurt.  The Magic Food

I ate some of by bucket last night.  It did not all blend together.
Stayed in separate flavors.  And it was still soft.  It was quite
good.  I really took you.  It was all planned.

PS - I have eaten down through the chocolate and cheesecake but still have
all the strawberry.  And frozen gummy bears are not that bad.  Oh
Grasshopper.  You still have so much to learn.

Subject:  Big win for PSU

PSU 45 Michigan 7.  Now that is the Eastern Michigan Eagles not the
Big House Michigan Wolverines.

The PSU QB.  Christian Hackenberg.  Pure freshmen.  23-33.  311 yds.
1 TD 1 int.  Bill Obrien.  What a coach.

Now if I was USC and I had enough of Kiffen, I would say. " Mr Obrien.
 We will give you $5 mil a year plus Disneyland.  Not fuckin tickets
to Disneyland.  We mean Disneyland.

Subject:  watching

Could not watch baseball anymore.  Watching SC Gamecocks vs Georgia.
I have got to say I have a bromance with Spuriier.  Go Cocks.


Dan said...


Congratulations on turning the page. You will do well in your new life after poker. I have read the blog since the beginning and enjoyed it thoroughly, though have never reached out before. I would like to return the favor by helping you with next chapter. Would prefer not to share more detail here but happy to email you or send more thoughts along privately somehow. Couldnt find email or other means of doing so and wasn't sure how long/if you would see a PM on 2+2 or msg on twitter.

I am in North County San Diego and we know a few folks in common from poker circles.

Let me know if you want me to send more info along about me and thoughts on how I might be of value in thinking about "what's next"


Jesse Smithnosky said...

Send me a pm on twitter :)

Dan said...

ok will try. i'm a twitter neophyte and thought you had to follow me too to send a pm. will give it a try now. if pm doesn't work i'll just send you a regular twitter message and you can follow me back.