Saturday, April 21, 2012

This Actually Happened

So I roll up to the bike at 10:30am and what do I find? Two players eating breakfast wondering why there is no game. Normally I'd bail immediately, but these players are extremely special so I hang out for a while to see if the game can go. After 15 minutes the woman calls commerce and is off; she is one of the great hit and run artists of all time, and her loss is no great one as she is also a stark raving bitch. She is just amazing, quitting after as little as 15 minutes if she wins but playing overnight to chase a loss. As an aside the only player who can compete with her in this regard played a 30 hour session this week....

So anyway she bails and it's just me and my buddy AA and to be frank things are looking grim. But this guy is world class so I resolve to teach him Chinese poker and pray for some action to walk in the door. I text everyone while explaining the game to him. And in the conversation with me and the dealer he explains his problem with the NBA and PGA Tour, in a thick accent:

"I can't watch basketball because it's all monkeys running around. And the golf? The same thing, the top player is a monkey"

It's 2012, in Southern California, and this guy is openly referring to black people as monkeys. And I have to be nice to him to try and win $1000 today. I mean...really? REALLY? I excuse myself to the starbucks, re-steel myself and come back to play an hour of Chinese. Eventually we give up and move the game to commerce, where we start a 2nd 40 and I Jesus seat him as he loses five $400 buy ins in 90 minutes. There is some justice...but just some.

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Tha O Dogg said...

If the NBA replaced all the players with monkeys, I'd start watching.