Saturday, November 15, 2008

James Bond is Awesome

Tonight I'm going up to San Francisco to watch Quantum of Solace with some friends I've lost touch with. It's going to be awesome. Beforehand, I guess I can fill everyone in on the last two days of pokering.

Friday I played at Bay 101 from about noon until about 8pm. I ended up posting a 600ish dollar win, and managed to post 3 hands thanks to my iPhone (which allows me to write down hands after they happen and have it appear that I'm just texting someone). Here are the hands, which as of this writing don't have many responses on 2p2:

Hand 1 - A strange board on which I river a full house.

To make a long story short here, the board ran out Q44-Q-T and I had the misfortune of holding pocket Tens. I got raised on the river, called, and my opponent's shaky hands revealed quad fours.

Hand 2 - I lay down top pair good kicker in a massive pot.

I decided to fold the turn when villain (who was known to slow play sets badly) raised the field in a massive pot. Turns out he only had two pair and a river 3 counterfeited him, which would have sent the pot my way. The board was like Q63-9-3 and he held 69 against my QJ. It was a tough spot.

Hand 3 - I barrel off into a dry side pot.

The title basically sums it up. Someone goes all in preflop and I proceed to bet my Queen-High flush draw on two streets. This is somewhat counterintuitive, as I can't really win the pot without showing down, since someone is all in and guaranteed to show down.

The most interesting part of Friday was the pure number of 2p2ers I recognized at Bay 101. Counting myself, there were a dozen that I could name. Early in the day Captain R, myself, Hammerin' Hank, and undertheinfluence were sharing the three 20/40 games. The other three of them left, and mikeca showed up to play some 6/12 and sweated me for a few hands while he was waiting. Then Professor Ben, CDC and bakku rolled up, but decided to leave before CDC got a seat and go see Quantum of Solace (I declined their invite because of the aforementioned city trip tonight). Finally, another pack of 3 whom I've met and played with before (but who's screen names I don't know) showed up to play 40 and 80 as I was leaving. Quite the crew imo.

Today I only played 2.5 hours at Garden City. I won two massive pots in my first orbit, was up 800 dollars, and couldn't really stick with it after the guy walked past me and knocked a bottle of soy sauce on the ground, spraying my legs and shorts with brown salty specs of liquid. We also had a horrible dealer error that went down like this:

4 players preflop. Board comes down:

349 with two spades.

A checks, B bets, A calls

6 of hearts

A bets, B calls

2 of diamonds, for a board of 349-6-2

A checks, B bets, A calls

B tables his hand and says "I think I missed". He shows 85 of spades, for a 6 high straight. A looks at it, sees no pair, and tables something like A3 for a pair of threes. Dealer looks at both hands, picks up the winning 85, mucks it, and shoves the pot to the losing hand. The problem is that that player had won the previous pot and not finished stacking, so now we have no idea how much money is in the pot (3 of us caught it, saying "that guy tabled a straight"). Dominic (the nicest floor-man you ever want to meet) had to go to the camera to confirm what I said..."There should be 55 chips in that pot....4 players preflop is 16, and a bet and a call from each of them on each street is 40 more, minus one for the drop, is 55" The guy who had to give the money back was a real asshole about it, and the whole situation just put me on tilt. Then the soy sauce hit the fan and I decided to just book a 500 dollar win and call it a day.


Dave said...


Beast, Duggan, Kevin and I saw QoS on Friday...I thought it was terrible.

dlgilbert4 said...

Good chip counting, sir. Was everyone really impressed?